Easypaisa Launches ATM Cards

Easypaisa has officially launched the ATM cards for its mobile account holders, reported The Nation.

Paper said that after the soft launch of Easypaisa ATM cards earlier this year, Easypaisa has now commercially launched the cards for its mobile account holders.

Easypaisa Mobile Account holders can get their ATM cards from Telenor Service Centres or from Tameer Bank branches.

Card Issuance charges are set at Rs. 200 per ATM card, while transaction charges are Rs. 25 per transaction.

With ATM cards, Easypaisa mobile account holders will no longer be required to visit Easypaisa outlets, instead they will be able to withdraw the cash through any 1-link ATM machines across Pakistan.

Omar Moeen Malik, Head of Strategy for Easypaisa, Telenor Pakistan was quoted as saying that Pakistan is now one of the very few countries in the world, where any person with a CNIC can open a free bank account on his Mobile Phone in under two minutes, pick up an ATM card and link it to his account easily.

Mobile financial service providers are seeing strong growth in their person-to-person transactions, which do not require permanent mobile accounts.

Number of mobile account holders in the country, on the other hands, is not very impressive. However, services such as ATM cards may give required incentive to masses to ultimately have mobile accounts. More services such as netbanking and mobile apps to manage mobile account can further boost the usage.

It maybe recalled that UBL Omni already offers ATM cards to its customers. Other mobile financial services are also planning to launch ATM cards and mobile apps for their customers to manage their mobile accounts.



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